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Our History

A series of discussions between MyDiplomacy Founders Zaim Mohzani and Syed Nizamuddin Sayed Kassim in 2018 led to astute observations of the diplomacy ecosystem in Malaysia: aspiring diplomats have little avenue for engagement with working diplomats, and youth representation was by far and large none-existent in the international relations scene in Malaysia. Broadly speaking, there was a great gap between youth and policy-makers in foreign policy.

They set out to establish a youth organisation to change that notion and Malaysian Youth Diplomacy (MyDiplomacy) was born. Since 2018, MyDiplomacy has successfully encouraged Malaysian youth to delve into the field of diplomacy by providing avenues to converse with foreign and local diplomats and international organisations through various means. Today, we have a membership base of nearly 1000 students, entrepreneurs, professionals and aspiring diplomats.

MyDiplomacy seeks to advance youth-led diplomacy in Malaysia whilst aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to build a network of informed global citizens. Join us today!

Access to Opportunities​

Opportunities such as scholarships and exchange programs are usually confined to more urban, English-speaking and
middle-class youth. 

Platform for Discourse

Young Malaysians lack a youth-friendly platform to discuss and understand foreign policy issues such as trade, security and human rights.

Youth Input in Foreign Policy

Youth in diplomacy do not have a systematic avenue to engage policy-makers diplomats to provide feedback and contribute to policy.

Our Stakeholder Engagement

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Recognised by the previous Minister to be the lead youth organisation for youth international engagement by working with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Malaysian Youth Council.

Youth Taskforce

Invited by the Malaysian Youth Council to co-initiate the Youth Taskforce on Foreign Policy and Diplomacy. Appointed as Chairperson (announced by Foreign Minister during a press conference).

United Nations

Invited to partner for the UN75 Forum. Solidified the Youth Taskforce for Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy as one of UNAM's leading youth partner.

Ambassador Series

Closed-doors event between the Ambassadors/High Commissioners and Malaysian youth leaders. Engaged with the French, Austrian, Swedish, and Irish Ambassadors to Malaysia.

Youth Roundtable

Acted as the connection point between youth organisations and the Foreign Ministry to host youth organisations and individuals in discussing the direction of international affairs issues.

Ministry of Education

Recognised by the Ministry of Education as one of primary stakeholders serving on an advisory council to introduce Model United Nations in public schools.

About Us

Meet Our Executive Committee!

Diverse in background, age and expertise, every member of our Executive Committee - handpicked via a highly competitive selection process - brings to MyDiplomacy a fresh perspective and unique skillset.

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