About Kim Osman

With interests in international affairs and political discourse, Kim Osman serves as the 2022/2023 MyDiplomacy Director of Communications. With MyDiplomacy’s unique role in bridging the gap between youths and diplomatic opportunities, Kim hopes to be able to facilitate such through one primary pillar: connection — whether it be connecting youths to working professionals, or going on the ground to connect professionals to you.

Prior to joining MyDiplomacy, Kim has been well-involved with various advocacy NGOs, seeking to make change wherever and whenever possible. Additionally, Kim is also an avid MUN-er, having served as Secretary-General, Secretariat, Chair, and Delegate in over 20 conferences both locally and internationally. Thus, Kim is excited to further his interests in international affairs via MyDiplomacy, hoping to employ his dedication to provide the same degree of opportunities to the Malaysian youth, for they truly are the future of the development of the country.