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About Malaysian Youth Diplomacy


Malaysian Youth Diplomacy (MyDiplomacy) is a focal point movement in the Malaysian diplomatic scene that aims to bridge Malaysian youths to diplomatic opportunities within four main focus areas - community, career, conversation and consultation. Established in 2018, we aim to empower youth diplomacy via diplomatic opportunities such as fellowships, scholarships, conferences, and exchange programs by working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia, Embassies, Chambers of Commerce, United Nations, multinational corporations and government bodies. 


In the past, we have conducted various projects to raise awareness and engage more than 1500 youth in advocacy in the realm of diplomacy. Amongst those includes a project dissecting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Bahasa Melayu entitled Belia4SDG and a campaign entitled GenZDiplomacy which aims to increase the literacy rate of international relations and diplomacy among youths, in particular, Generation Z.

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Our Strategic Pillars 


Connecting stakeholders in the diplomacy ecosystem ranging from diplomatic corps, government agencies, think tanks to universities and IR youth groups.


Facilitating dialogue and spreading awareness of International Relations and diplomacy with youth and the Malaysian public.


Promoting more effective and systematic consultation between youth and policymakers in foreign policy.


Promoting diplomacy as a viable career option at early-stage education by means of encouraging discussion on foreign policies amongst youth.

Ongoing Initiatives

MyDiplomacy organized various initiatives which include youth roundtables, educational postings, forums and stakeholder engagement with over 1500 Malaysian youths from 2018 until now. Accordingly, MyDiplomacy oversee campaigns such as GenZDiplomacy, Belia4SDG, Ambassador Series, MYFA Magazine and our upcoming inaugural flagship event entitled Diplomasi Lab in August 2022. These initiatives aim to raise awareness of the role of youth in diplomacy in alignment with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. To know more, explore our initiatives below.


Meet Our Executive Committee!

Diverse in background, age and expertise, every member of our Executive Committee - handpicked via a highly competitive selection process - brings to MyDiplomacy a fresh perspective and unique skillset.

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