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Diplomacy In Action

Malaysia is well known for its multilateral affiliations and efforts, especially in notable organizations namely United Nations and ASEAN. However, many Malaysian youths only know what is on the surface level - not behind the scenes. Diplomacy In Action attempts to depict Malaysia's journey in reinforcing its foreign policy through multilateralism organizations by reviewing the organizations affiliated with, the stance Malaysia partakes

and the contribution that Malaysia makes to these organizations through

a series of infographics and dialogue sessions.


Summits & Conferences

Led by youths, spoke by youths and aims to empower the youths. We believe by having youths brought forward as the organizers and leaders through summits and conferences can help to build a generation of competent, calibre and charismatic Malaysian thinkers capable of pushing reforms on making Malaysian foreign policy more inclusive and robust.

These initiatives and partnerships allow these youths to dismantle the disproportionate

issues faced and create opportunities for them to interact and tackle the issues

from the root causes themselves. 



Diplomacy Simplified

As there are so many variants of diplomacy strategies being deployed, Diplomacy Simplified help to break down diplomacy concepts in a simple manner to make it accessible for everyone to engage in the discussion of diplomacy aligned with our ethos of merakyatkan diplomacy.

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WhatsApp Image 2022-07-18 at 1.53.50 AM.jpeg
Diplomacy Simplified Mango Diplomacy of South Asian Countries.png

Webinars & Forums

With the world of international affairs and diplomacy consistently developing, it is critical for us

to ensure Malaysian youths are updated on these topics. We often organized forums and webinars to relay information regarding recent foreign and domestic issues related. For Malaysian youths, these platforms will be useful to get their proper first-hand understanding on this issues in-depth especially with notable and experienced speakers to shed light on it. 

A Conversation on Challenges Faced by Our Heroines in quest of Gender Equality in Malaysia
MyDiplomacy COVID Webinar.jpg
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MyDiplomacy Foreign Affairs Magazine

The MyDiplomacy Foreign Affairs Magazine (MYFA Magazine) covers a broad range of topics in relation to Malaysian foreign policy and international affairs. It strives to present clear thinking

by knowledgeable observers on important issues relating to the diplomatic ecosystem

we live in, written in both English and Malay that can be read with ease and pleasure

by the general audience, as well as professionals.

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article 2.png


As youth makes up to 49% of Malaysia's population, this community is an important stakeholder to be engaged. Initiatives such as conducting townhalls are required to have an open two-way engagement in comprehending and contributing to the discussion of Malaysia's foreign policy by including practitioners and official representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia and its agencies in this engagement. 

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