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International Level

Voicing the opinions of Malaysian youths on the international stage is one of the ways we can empower Malaysian youths so that our voices can be heard and materialized into actions. Knowing there is a limited opportunity available, MyDiplomacy aims to ensure there is a representation of Malaysian youths regardless of background to speak up in the fight for reforms in international organizations and other diplomatic ties. 

Involvement in Transforming Education Summit
Handover of Peace Resolution to Embassy
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National / Ministerial Level

In formulating robust and inclusive foreign policy, youth acts as an important stakeholder especially when it comes to implementing youth-led diplomacy.  Thus,  various sessions of dialogues and consultation rounds are conducted in sharing the opinions of the youth toward the governance and approach Malaysia is opting for projecting its foreign policy within the region and internationally.  

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Community Level

In order to have a more fruitful consultation with relevant authorities,

MyDiplomacy often conducts grassroots public consultations to collect opinions from youths all across Malaysia often in the form of roundtables or focus group discussions.

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