International Level

As there are so many variants of diplomacy strategies being deployed, Diplomacy Simplified help to break down diplomacy concepts in a simple manner to make it accessible for everyone to engage in the discussion of diplomacy aligned with our ethos of merakyatkan diplomacy.

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National/Ministerial Level

Malaysia is well known for its multilateral affiliations and efforts, especially in notable organizations namely United Nations and ASEAN. However, many Malaysian youths only know what is on the surface level - not behind the scenes. Diplomacy In Action attempts to depict Malaysia's journey in reinforcing its foreign policy through multilateralism organizations by reviewing the organizations affiliated with, the stance Malaysia partakes

and the contribution that Malaysia makes to these organizations through

a series of infographics and dialogue sessions.

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Community Level

As the scholarship of diplomacy and international relations is slowly expanding in Malaysia, the perception of careers within the field is limited to working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Embassies and being an analyst. Driven by this problem, this initiative spearheaded by the Department of Public Relations helps to establish a database for Malaysian youths

to explore careers in the field related to diplomacy, current internship or entry-level

career opportunities and tips for applying. Such a database is accessible to all for free and updated every week with the help of our Malaysian diplomatic ecosystem.