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Malaysian Youth Diplomacy (MyDiplomacy) is founded by Zaim Mohzani, Co-Founder

of Nation Building School from Selangor and Syed Nizamuddin Sayed Khassim, Sarawakian-born diplomat attached to

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia.


  • Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dato' Sri Saifuddin Abdullah

  • Roundtable on Youth Diplomacy

  • Appointed as Chair for Youth Taskforce on Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy under the purview of Minister of Foreign Affairs Malaysia

  • Ambassador Series 1 - Sweden

  • Ambassador Series 2 - Austria

  • Ambassador Series 3 - France


  • Youth Dialogue: Aspirations of Malaysians

  • Malaysia’s Foreign Policy Framework Webinar with Andrew Bowes of British High Commission Kuala Lumpur, Natalie Shobana of ISIS Malaysia and Elina Noor of Asia Society Policy Institute

  • Covid-19 vs Malaysia: The New Normal & The Path To Recovery Webinar with Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram, Dr Khoo Swee Kheng, Dr Fifa Rahman and Dato’ Dr Amar-Singh HSS


  • Ambassador Series 4 - Ireland 

  • International Women’s Day Webinar with YB Lim Yi Wei of ADUN Kampung Tungku, Prof. Dr. Noraida Endut of USM, Betty Yeoh of AWAM and Boo Su Lyn of Codeblue 

  • Vaccine Diplomacy: Looking Beyond Malaysia Webinar with Elina Noor of Asia Society Policy Institute and Dr Khor Swee Kheng of Chatham House 

  • SDG Education Inequality Webinar with Tun Akmal of Universiti Teknologi MARA, Jarud Romadan Khalidi of Khazanah Research Institute and M Jay Ray of Enlight Malaysia 


  • Ministry of Youth Malaysia Engagement on Youth Development Model 2030

  • APPGM CSO-SDG Alliance: Youth & SDG Roundtable Discussion

  • Ambassador Series 5 - Netherlands

  • National Youth Roundtable

  • Malaysia SDG Summit 2022: Strategic Partner and Youth SDG Agent 

  • Diplomacy in Action: Malaysia in ASEAN  collaborating with ASEAN-Malaysia National Secretariat

  • Diplomasi Lab 

  • Kazan OIC Global Youth Summit 

  • International Day of Youth Peace Observance in the United Nations


  •  Diplomacy Abroad to Singapore 

  • Ambassador Series 6 - Malaysia to Lebanon

  • Involvement in People's Y20 Peace & Security

  • Global Digital Compact Consultation

  • OIC Young Diplomats Forum 

  • ASEAN+ Youth Summit

  • Projek Teh Tarik Rojak

  • Malaysian Urban Forum

  • And more coming soon!

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